Healthy Dogs need Emergency Plans too! (I’m learning more later today…)

I am so excited!

I received an email this afternoon from my town’s Board of Health.  It started with the following heading:

Pets need emergency plans too!


What a great idea!  This subject was really brought to the forefront of awareness during Hurricane Katrina when so many pets were left behind.  Many perished.  When I was on NECN several years ago, one of the anchors I worked with was separated from her dog during Katrina.  She never saw her again.

We had a staff member at the Buddy Dog Humane Society who went to Louisiana and volunteered with the animal rescue efforts during that disaster.  It was a heartwarming and a heart chilling experience she will never forget.

Subsequent natural disasters such as Hurricane Sandy last fall here on the East Coast have shown that we are moving in the right direction to care for and prepare for our pets in emergency situations, but we still have a long way to go

The email continued… “Many of us don’t think about preparedness until an emergency happens. But it’s much easier to provide for our WHOLE family if we consider the issues beforehand and make plans.”

I signed up immediately.  Just by reading the rest of the email, I found out that my area has a regional emergency pet sheltering supply trailer…who knew?!

I will get a list of supplies you would need to bring with your pet if you can’t stay at home which I will share with you on my website.  They’re going to talk about a ‘Pet Prep’ kit as well.  I’m not sure what that will be, but I will find out and pass along any helpful information.

Some of the questions that will be answered are:

  • How can we ensure the safety of loved ones, including our pets?
  • When disaster strikes, should we evacuate or shelter-in-place?
  • Where can we go if there’s a prolonged power failure?
  • Who do we contact for information in a wide-spread emergency?
  • What are our own responsibilities in a disaster?
  • What supplies do we need to bring with our pet if we can’t stay home?
  • How could a microchip help in finding lost animals?

More to come on this subject of emergency planning for healthy dogs…

To Your Dog’s Good Health!

Cheryl Major

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Cheryl Major has been a volunteer at The Buddy Dog Humane Society in Massachusetts for 14 years, and has been on their Board of Trustees since 2008. Her blog,, is a labor of love. She has also been involved in passing animal protection legislation at the city and state levels and was a regular guest on New England Cable News (NECN) for their "Adopt a Pet Segment". This blog is dedicated to the joys and challenges of dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages with whom we share our lives.

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