Healthy Dogs World Loves Thundershirts! (and so does my shelter!!)

Healthy Dogs World loves the Thundershirt!  What a fantastic idea.  I just wish it had been invented several years ago when I found a dog who had obviously been abused.  He was terrified of (and aggressive toward) young boys in baseball caps.  If we were in the car and passed a young boy, he would go nuts barking and trying to get at him through the window.

The animal shelter I am involved with, The Buddy Dog Humane Society, has used the Thundershirt to calm hyper and abused dogs with surprising results.  It is effective and, although you can supplement any behavior modification with drug therapy, it is often not necessary.

Thundershirt is effective for dogs with fear of loud noise such as thunder and fireworks, separation anxiety, overall hyperactivity, excess barking, travel phobias (car rides to the vet or groomers, etc.), fearfulness, etc.  While some dogs may need to use the Thundershirt two or three times before responding positively, for many dogs, Thundershirt works the very first time.

Since it comes with a 100% money back guarantee, the down side doesn’t exist.

For my dog, this great product was not available, so we had to resort to doggie meds.  The medication helped calm Bristie down so we could eventually modify his behavior, but the drug-free more immediate option of the Thundershirt would have been wonderful!

The way Thundershirt is designed and constructed, it applies a gentle, constant pressure that has a dramatic calming effect for most dogs.  It comes in a variety of sizes and colors…blue or pink polo or the original color, heather grey.  You can now get a Thundershirt for your dog and have his name embroidered on the side.

Another good feature about Thundershirt is that it’s hard to screw up.  You can quickly put it on your pooch with self-fastening Velcro flaps, so getting it on your dog is quick and easy.

How Thundershirt Works is simple.  The wrap applies a slight constant pressure that is like a gentle hug for your dog.  The surveys the company has done indicate over 80% of dogs respond positively when the wrap is applied and show improvement of their symptoms.

It’s believed the gentle pressure of the wrap calms the animal’s nervous system, and while the exact science cannot be confirmed, it is believed the pressure causes release of a calming hormone like endorphins.  It’s been a common practice for years to use pressure to relieve anxiety in both animals and people.

Thundershirt for dogs has been so successful, they have developed a wrap for cats which is also getting rave reviews!


To Your Dog’s Good Health!

Chloe at 17


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Cheryl Major has been a volunteer at The Buddy Dog Humane Society in Massachusetts for 14 years, and has been on their Board of Trustees since 2008. Her blog,, is a labor of love. She has also been involved in passing animal protection legislation at the city and state levels and was a regular guest on New England Cable News (NECN) for their "Adopt a Pet Segment". This blog is dedicated to the joys and challenges of dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages with whom we share our lives.

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