Hey Dog Lovers…Your Dog’s Feet Smell Like…

Your dog's feet smell like corn chipsHey dog lovers…Did you ever notice your dog’s feet smell like corn chips?

I know that sounds crazy, but it’s true!  I never noticed it myself.  I was listening to Air America on AM radio quite a few years ago.  I think I was listening to Rachel Maddow who was filling in for Stephanie Miller at the time.

While I’m busy rambling here, I found out about Air America from my endodontist when I went in for a root canal.  Her rescue dog, Jack, was dressed up for Halloween.  As I recall, he was a pumpkin.  Well…not even a root canal can stop me from my love of dogs, and my doctor and I started talking about Air America; I started listening, and I became a devotee.

That particular day, Rachel had someone on who was a dog lover, as was Stephanie Miller (who can forget when Stephanie’s St. Bernard died?).  I can’t believe she was on the air, but she was.  I couldn’t have done it.  Rachel’s guest was talking about dogs and mentioned that a dog’s feet smell like corn chips.

I thought that sounded crazy, but made a note to check as soon as I got home to my Chloe.

I did, and I couldn’t believe it, but my dog’s feet smelled like corn chips.  Close my eyes and sniff, and I could swear I had my nose in a bag of Fritos!  Now, if you’re going to try this, and if you are a true dog lover, you will, you need to smell the bottom pads.  It’s not the top of the foot.

Check it out for yourself and leave me a comment below.  Dogs are amazing in so many ways; nothing about them should surprise us!Chloe at 17

To Your Dog’s Good Health!

Cheryl Major

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