Not Ready Yet…Adopting A Dog

Wow…Tough one.

I miss Chloe so much.  It’s been almost 4 months since she died.  The memories are everywhere, and Rob and I still tear-up when we talk about her.Chloe at 17 - Adopting a Dog

Along with missing Chloe, I also miss having a dog.  The best parts of my day can be when I see my neighbor’s dog, Jake.  He is always so happy to see me.  I miss that total love feeling; no matter what kind of a day you’ve had, or whether you screwed up at work, you’re the best thing to ever walk through that door.  I miss that.

When do you know you’re ready to adopt again?  I’m not sure.  I’ve always said it’s the greatest tribute to how much you loved your dog to go out and adopt again.  So many homeless dogs in need of good, safe and loving homes.  But, I’m not ready.  I thought I would be ready much sooner, and I confess to be more than a little disappointed in myself.

I’m tired, I’m sad and I’m not over Chloe.  About a month after we lost her, I went to the shelter where I’m a volunteer and a Board member.  I knew it was a dangerous thing to do, but I went.  I saw a great dog who had just been surrendered.  She would have been perfect, but Rob said he wasn’t ready, and truthfully, neither was I.Ginger at Buddy Dog - Adopting a Dog

My dogs have always seemed to find me, and I guess that will happen again.

To Your Dog’s Good Health!

Cheryl Major

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Cheryl Major has been a volunteer at The Buddy Dog Humane Society in Massachusetts for 14 years, and has been on their Board of Trustees since 2008. Her blog,, is a labor of love. She has also been involved in passing animal protection legislation at the city and state levels and was a regular guest on New England Cable News (NECN) for their "Adopt a Pet Segment". This blog is dedicated to the joys and challenges of dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages with whom we share our lives.

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