Training Your Puppy…Tools You Can Use (Part 2)

Training Your Puppy…Tools You Can Use (Part 2)

Now that you’ve started using the training tools from Part 1, here are a few more to add to your repertoire!


If you are potty training your new puppy, a crate is a very useful tool. Dogs are den animals, and if you introduce them to a crate early enough they will consider it their den. Dogs don’t like to mess in their dens, so your puppy will hold their potty time as long as they possibly can in order to keep their ‘home’ clean. They will learn to wait for you to let them out to go potty. This helps with potty training as you can reward puppy for going outside when you let him out of the crate. Of course, puppy will need play and cuddle time, too, so be sure to reward puppy after a successful potty trip with time out of the crate and fun time playing with you.

Training Your Puppy - A Crate Can Be a Useful ToolNewspaper

When potty training puppy, there are bound to be accidents at first. Newspaper or puppy training pads can be used to transition puppy from inside the house to outside. This will keep the inevitable mess to one location. This may also be necessary if you live in an apartment or other location where it’s not possible to run outside each time a puppy needs to go potty. In the middle of a dark winter night, you may also consider paper-training necessary for a young puppy who hasn’t quite gotten big enough to hold his potty urge for very long.

Chew Toys

This is a big deal. Your new puppy needs chew toys so you can train him not to chew and bite your furniture, your shoes, or you! There are many choices when it comes to chew toys. You can buy hard plastic bones for puppy to chew on, soft squeaky toys, balls, ropes, boiled wool toys and more. It’s best to try out a variety of toys and see what your puppy likes. Make sure to give the toys to your puppy quickly when you see him or her trying to bite something inappropriate. Distraction and expediency is key. Keep the chew toys handy and interrupt any bad behavior quickly. Then, praise your puppy when he’s chewing on the toy you’ve given him. Be prepared to have chew bones devoured quickly. Stock up so you are always ready when your puppy is.

Harness and Leash

Using a harness and a leash is something most dog owners will need to do. To walk your dog, you’ll want to start training your puppy by first having him or her get used to having a harness and leash on. Just having your puppy wear them around the house will help, even before puppy is able to walk properly with a lead. Then, when you are ready to start training puppy to walk alongside you, the harness and leash won’t be foreign.  Be prepared for some resistance at first while your puppy tries to understand how it all works and what you expect, and don’t plan to go very far in the beginning. A walk down the driveway may be all your little puppy, or you, can handle at first.  Some people suggest training with a collar and a leash.  I don’t advise this.  For your puppy’s lifetime neck health (to say nothing of comfort), I strongly advise using a harness for walking and training your dog.  That doesn’t mean your puppy doesn’t wear a collar.  Of course he needs one for his license and tags.

Training Your Puppy - It's Best to Use a Harness Rather than a Collar

Training a new puppy can be a rewarding experience especially if you have the right tools for the job. These basic training tools can help you and your puppy get started on the right foot – or paw!

To Your Dog’s Good Health!

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